Stainless steel Armillary spheres

We use marine quality 316 stainless steel in our armillary sundials. One of the hardest metals known to man it will never rust or go dull and has a versatile aesthetic quality which allows it to contrast and complement almost any surrounding.

As with all our armillaries the bars are rolled, then sanded and polished, resulting in a stainless mirror finish.

A stainless armillary sphere sundial can be cleaned from time to time with methylated spirits.

Armillary sphere


The proportions of our stainless armillaries are the same as the bronze. 6mm thick bars ranging from 10mm wide to 50mm wide are used as well as round bars up to 10mm dia.

The same principle of fixing bars together with rivets, then sanding and polishing is used.

Welding is not used on our garden armillary sphere sundials.

The ecliptic ring seen here is engraved with the symbols of the zodiac. The Earths ecliptic path is the horizontal plane of its orbit around the sun during the year. During this time the constellations of the zodiac are visible in the night sky.


The ecliptic ring in an armillary sphere sundial touches the tropic of cancer at the front of the globe and the tropic of capricorn at the back.

Brad Dillon Sundials
Brad Dillon Sundials


A nodus is a ball mounted on the gnomon and positioned in such a way to cast a shadow on the hour ring on a certain date.

It relies on the constantly changing altitude of the sun and is used to commemorate a birthday, anniversary or any special occasion.

A nodus is also offered as an optional extra.

The inside of the armillary where the rings meet showing the fixing rivets.

Brad Dillon Sundials


Arrow     £280
Nodus     £120

600mm s/steel armillary sphere                                                    £7250.00

700mm         "           "            "                                                           £8840.00

800mm        "           "            "                                                            £8950.00

900mm       "           "            "                                                             £10450.00

1000mm     "           "            "                                                             £12 050.00