Bronze is made up of copper and tin, both natural elements of the earth. As a result of this, the colours of a bronze armillary sphere sundial blend perfectly with a traditional garden which has been decorated with plants, flowers and greenery.




A bronze armillary sundial by Brad Dillon will develop a dark brown patina over time and will eventually develop a verdigris. The length of time for this to occur depends on local climatic conditions.

Bronze is a very hard wearing material and will last for many generations. 

Brad Dillon Sundials
Brad Dillon Sundials


All our armillary sphere sundials are created equal, no matter who the client might be. Bronze bars 6mm thick and up to 50mm wide are engraved and polished before being riveted together. 10mm round bronze bars are used for tropic and polar rings and for the central gnomon.

Bronze sundials mature well, developing a dark brown patina and eventually an aged verdigris finish - very desirable for a sundial! 

                                                     The ecliptic ring seen here is engraved with the symbols of the zodiac. The Earths ecliptic path is the plane of its orbit around the sun during the year. During this time the constellations of the zodiac are visible in the night sky.


The ecliptic ring in an armillary sphere sundial touches the tropic of cancer at the front of the globe and the tropic of capricorn at the back.

Brad Dillon Sundials
Brad Dillon Sundials

Offered as an optional extra, the arrow head and flight are turned from a section of bronze bar. This aspect of an armillary sphere sundial has its roots in traditional design. The head of the arrow points to the pole star when the sundial is properly aligned, ie when the gnomon is aligned with the Earths Polar axis.

600mm bronze armillary sphere                                £6540.00

700mm     "              "        "                                        £7340.00

800mm    "              "        "                                        £8440.00

900mm   "              "        "                                         £9940.00

1000mm  "              "        "                                         £10400.00

Optional extras:

Arrow                                                                        £280.00

Nodus                                                                       £ 90.00


To enquire, without obligation, about a sundial, please ring Brad on 07432 284401, or email: