Public sundials

Public Sundial cemetery park

The 3m Sundial at Cemetery Park, St Austell has a granite dial face and a mirror polished stainless steel gnomon.

Cemetery Park Public Sundial

Both GMT and BST hours are carved on to solid granite blocks. The gnomon has a nodus which delineates the Equinoxes and Solstices.

It is calibrated to 5 minute divisions but the time can be estimated to within two minutes.

1.2m stainless steel Armillary sphere Sundial outside the Schaeffler engineering works, South wales.

It features a water jet cut gnomon ring laser engraved with a company motto in the welsh language.

Rings are finished in different textures including mirror polished, grained and aluminium oxide blasted for contrast.

Armillary Sphere Sundial
Sundial, Armillary sphere

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