About Us

Sundials, armillary spheres.

My name is Brad Dillon and I have been a sundial maker for twenty five years. I first became interested in sundials whilst employed as a blacksmith at an architectural salvage company who kept a stock of horizontal, vertical and armillary sphere sundials in their yard.

I was first attracted to the armillary spheres and decided to make a few of my own. I made them in mild steel at first and had them galvanised and powder coated, before progressing to brass, then bronze and stainless steel.

To help me understand how they worked I bought several books on the subject and joined the British Sundial Society.

After three years of trial and error I decided my product was worthy enough to launch on an unsuspecting public. Within a few weeks of publishing my website I received an order for a bronze armillary sphere. More followed and after 12 months I gave up blacksmithing and became a full time sundial maker.
Over the years I have adopted technologies to improve my sundials: water-jet cutting, laser etching, cnc milling and acid etching to name a few, but the basic principles of design and construction have remained the same.
Brad Dillon Sundials

To enquire, without obligation, about a sundial, please ring Brad on 07432 284401, or email: brad.dillon48@yahoo.co.uk