The 10" bronze horizontal dial has an 8mm thick dial face and is engraved in the style of a 19th century English garden sundial including a damascene infill to the compass rose, an equation of time table to convert to clock time, a chapter ring delineated to five minute intervals and an oak and acorn border. There is space for a personalised motto or dedication. The gnomon is water jet cut and the buttress is turned on a lathe. The equation of time is represented by a ring showing dates and corrections, rather than a graph, and is situated between the compass rose and the chapter ring.
The dial plate is darkened and filled with gold enamel infill.
The 10" bronze dial is our most popular dial and can be made for all latitudes.
12" Bronze Sundial
Sundial Equation of time
Sundial gnomons
Sundial dial face
Bronze Sundial
12" bronze sundial
12" sundial on oak base
12" Bronze Sundial

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