Brad Dillon Sundials make all types of working sundials including horizontal sundials, wall sundials and armillary spheres. Our armillary sphere sundials can be found in countries in both northern and southern hemispheres.


All our sundials are made at our workshops in Cornwall. Armillary spheres are made from bronze, stainless steel and brass or a combination of these materials.

All sundials can be modified or redesigned to suit the customers requirements.

An armillary sphere sundial takes approximately six weeks to complete.

The Queen unveils an armillary sphere made by Brad Dillon Sundials, at Dumfries House, Lanarkshire
Screenshot (48).png
Horizontal Sundials
Sunrise;   4:40
Sunset;   21:16

 Solar Noon,     London: 12:57 

Eot: sundial is 3min fast

Date: 26/6/2020

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armillary sphere